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New! Halo hair extension

19 August 2015

An easier, faster and simply system to get your perfect look!

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Falsified Cosmetic Products

18 March 2015

Are all the products sold in the European Union safe and comply with the european regulation? How do you know if a product is safe for your health?

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Marsala, color of the year

18 March 2015

Say Hello to the new trendy-shade that relegates Radiant Orchidea. Marsala  "is a cordial but stylish tone, universally appealing and can be easily wear in fashion, beauty and design" 

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Summer Time - New nail polish collection

09 April 2015

Summer is the new collectioni on nail polish and let your imagination go wild!

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Fifty shades of...blonde hair

19 March 2015

Get inspired by the stunning, appealing, sexy, trendy...blonde styles; every one has its own amazing blonde shade, every one is unique, let´s get your own and amaze everyone!

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16 February 2015

Have your nails done was never so easy and safe!


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