Publicado el 14 March 2014

Veracolors bodegon tinte

Vera Colors, the product line that takes care of your natural beauty!

Years of experience working in the field of hairdressing has allowed MH COSMETICS to create a line of hair products that fulfill the needs of every client, both professional and final consumer.

The entire product line is formulated with ALOE VERA that makes VERA COLORS the perfect ally for your hair; it nourishes and takes care of your beauty from the inside




  • Veracolors Decoloracion con QueratinaVeracolors Hair dyePermanent color based on aloe vera extracts with long duration and intensity. The aloe vera extracts create a calming effect on the hair scalp, it also provides nutrients to the hair fiber, resulting in a natural and silky finish. At the same time the color stabilizers avoid variations of unwanted tones.Its low percentage in ammoniac, less than 2%, avoid hair fiber breakage and reduce scalp itchiness.

  • Veracolors Cream OxIts creamy formula allows easy mixture and application with no drips. Its content in aloe vera and pomegranate extracts prevent dehydration and hair breakage, soothing and leaving hair silky after the coloring process.

  • Veracolors Bleaching powder: Contains keratin which improves and restructures hair. Non-volatile formula, keeps salon air surroundings clear. With nice fruity smell.



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