MH Only One Gel Polish

MH COSMETICS is proud to introduce a breakthrough for the beauty industry, MH ONLY ONE GEL POLISH.

This patent pending, solvent-free,is the first true one-bottle gel system that takes care of your nails.

MH Only One Gel Polish



We give you 10 reasons, you’ll find much more!

  1. "ONLY ONE" gel system, applies like traditional nail polish: NO PRIMER, NO BASE, NO TOP COAT.
  2. Easy application paints on like varnish
  3. Uses exclusive patent pending technology - available nowhere else
  4. Solvent-Free
  5. Cures in seconds under LED light/min under UV and CCFL light
  6. Up to two weeks of durability
  7. Superb high gloss finish
  8. Soaks off in 3 minutes
  9. Affordable
  10. BPA free
  11. Three Free: No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), No Toluene, No Formaldehyde                                                                                                                            



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