Vera Colors, the hair dye based on Aloe Vera extracts

Aloe Vera is a permanent colour based on extracts of Aloe Vera with long duration and intensity. 

Its special formulation with Aloe Vera adds shine, softness and elasticity to the hair.

The Aloe Vera is an effective allied in hair care and scalp with its calming effect. Thanks to its calming effect, prevents irritation, pampering and protecting the natural hair shine. The innate properties of Aloe Vera make VERA COLORS a line of natural products that help the regeneration of the hair and scalp. The contribution of keratin that Aloe Vera provides the hair helps to rejuvenate, bringing nutrients to get a shiny, elastic and flexible hair. 

With Aloe Vera extract

The line of dyes in cream opens up a range of fantasy and creativity for the professional of the hair. A wide range of tones and a variety of shades provide a multitude of combinations that the artist combined at will to create an unique colour, no limits to creativity in order to succeed.

The entire line of colouring is formulated with Aloe Vera, which also creates a calming effect on the scalp and provides nutrients to the capillary fiber, resulting in a natural and silky finish. At the same time the colour stabilizers avoid the variations of the unwanted tones.

Vera Colors dyes create textures pleasant to touch, its composition with high quality emulsifiers allow easy emulsion homogenization, giving a mixture of easy penetration and no drips

With Pomegranate extract

To optimize the results of VERA COLORS we have created the new CreamOX. Its content in extracts of Aloe Vera and pomegranate prevent dehydration and drying hair, providing softening properties leaving a silky hair after the colouring process.

Its creamy formula protects your hair during the oxidative process due to its low percentage of ammoniac, fewer than two percent, thus improving the treatment of capillary fiber and protecting the scalp


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