veracolors eco fix

Veracolors Eco Fix no gas Hairspray

Strong-hold ozone-friendly hairspray. Suitable for all hair types. It does not weigh hair down. It does not leave residue.

This ozone-friendly hairspray is suitable for all hair types thanks to its unique formula that dries quicky without any residue, designed for perfect long-lasting hairstyles. Provides an extraordinary shine, softness and natural looking.


Benefits of Eco Fix Veracolors Hairspray:

    • It allows a long-lasting hairstyle

    • It nourishes and moisturizes hair

    • It does not weigh hair down

    • It easily goes off with a simple bushing

    • It is ozone-friendly, it helps protecting the environment. 

Availble in 300ml and 500ml.




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