MH ONLY ONE one-bottle gel system

MH Only One - Gel Polish


MH ONLY ONE is the revolution of the cosmetic industry, it is the first and unique one-bottle gel system that takes care of your nails.

MH ONLY ONE takes care of your nails, is solvent free and three free!It cures under UV, CCFL and LED light,with an incredibly finish gloss. It has an exquisite range of colours that will make your nails be the trending topic of the season!


Now is possible to have a perfect and shiny manicure for at least 15 days and applying it like traditional nail polish!

Made in the USA and distributed exlusively by K-PPEL PROFESSIONAL



If you want to discover more about this new product visit 

or call +34986236553. Our specialists will be happy to answer any question or doubt!







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