MH Cosmetics


MH COSMETICS is a modern and innovative company created to meet the needs of professionals and final costumers that seek for a complete service, both product and training. Years of research and after the success derived from the introduction of Aloe Vera in hair colouring, MH COSMETICS team continues investigating and developing new products, always looking for the healthy and innovative product.

The central facilities, opened in 2005, have become the heart of the company. The total surface reaches 2000 m2, distributed among warehouse, offices, training center and the innovative CASH & CARRY - an exclusive sales center for professionals, over 1000m2 of professional products, top quality and top design hair and beauty furniture at very competitive prices and an active training center-.

MH COSMETICS began to diversify by adding more product lines to its catalog with products of the highest quality: nail line, hair extensions, professional tools, furniture and the expansion of the hair cosmetics line. All of them supported by the affiliate MASTER HAIR, the technical development center that provides training and new trends. All these aspects consolidate MH COSMETICS as a modern brand, attentive to the demands of the twenty-first century market, which seeks to differentiate through innovation and training, resulting in a complete and integral service with excellent professional personalized attention.

Nowadays, MH COSMETICS is positioned as an innovative professional hair and beauty product brand with a great vocation to meet the needs of professionals in all aspects, covering the needs of any salon in any country.




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