MH Hair Extensions- Product range

MH Cosmetics team is always looking to improve the quality of its products and services towards its clients. The new hair extensions come in a exclusive and special box that protects the best quality hair. As usual, it is 100% remy human hair, it means tangle free! You can wash, dye, iron and dry it with the hairdryer as many times as you want. The hair will remain as the first time!! 

    MH Hair extensions are made up of 100% human hair. Its excellent quality enhances durability of the extension and a natural shine.
  Are treated with protein for a healthy look and resistant to brushing, facilitating handling and tangle-free styling
  Also is Remy hair, ie respect the direction of hair growth from the root to the tips, which prevents them from tangling once put.


Cortina Tira Adhesiva Cortina ondulada


Micro ring Micro peinetas






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